We illustrate the Leeds LoveBot

Let the romance blossom

From 14-20 February the Leeds LoveBot is asking Leeds residents to share their favourite romantic sayings – in their own words, and in their own languages, in a bid to find the real heart of this big modern city. Part of March of the Robots, a city-wide project to build 10,000 robots in 2014, the LoveBot is the 2nd of 10 robots-in-residence designed to reveal things to us about our lives in Leeds. For 7 days from 14 February, the LoveBot will be collecting romantic sayings via twitter and facebook to measure which community in Leeds is the most romantic.


We we’re asked to illustrate Februarys robot by MOTR and we’re glad they asked! Much fun was had at Hel this day. See some of the press below or just tweet the LoveBot at @LeedsLoveBot

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