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Rather enjoying this…

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“PowerPoint is symptomatic of a certain type of bureaucratic environment: one typified by interminable presentations with lots of fussy little bullet-points and flashy dissolves and soundtracks masked into the background, to try to convince the audience that the goon behind the computer has something significant to say. It’s the tool of choice for pointy-headed idiots with expensive suits and skinny laptops who desperately want to look as if they’re in command of the job, with all the facts at their fiddling fingertips, even if Rome is burning in the background. Nothing stands for content-free corporate bullshit quite like PowerPoint. And that’s just scratching the surface…”

from “The Jennifer Morgue: Book 2 in The Laundry Files” by Charles Stross

Thor don’t need no help

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Thor don't need no help

What is it with designers and type?

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With letters in particular. I also know I’m not alone – there’s a particular breed of designer that just can’t get away from it, that doesn’t want to get away from it. It’s always there – lurking below the surface.

One reason I especially like letter forms is that their sheer variety. You can illustrate a lower case g in literally hundreds and thousands of ways, and everyone still knows what it is. Even if they don’t really know what it is. You can’t know. It’s a drawing of something that does not exist. It’s not a sound because it changes in context. It’s a letter. An abstraction of an aural reference. It is so pure it does not exist in the ‘real’ world and is one of the only things I can think of in this great cosmos that has been universally and completely created by mankind from beginning to end. Even an aeroplane is a construct of natural materials organised in such a way as to make them fly.  A letter will never exist in nature.


Perhaps this is the reason I started to pick them up. The discarded and the broken, removed from their destined places by time, weather and the inevitable progress of business and brand.

My first was a small red e, spotted through the gap in a security fence around an abandoned factory in Berwick-upon-Tweed. It was on the floor and the only one that had not broken when it met the ground. Over the fence I went. It seemed so simple as I grasped my prize. Only upon going back over the fence did I stumble; tearing open the palm of my hand on the jagged metal fence. My lovely wife was less than impressed when I returned back at our B&B, dripping blood and clutching my old, dirt encrusted, plastic e; a huge smile painted on my face.


Others have been easier. The nice gentlemen at Clothing World in Leeds passed me a couple of letters when changing their sign, even if they didn’t understand why I wanted them, and recently my wife has even started collecting them for me as well. She salvaged a few lovely giant, brush stroked letters from a swimming baths and was so excited she texted me the photos. It seems now everywhere I go I’m looking. Just in case I spot one more.

So will I grow old and die with a house/loft/shed full of old lettering? Probably. But I’ll happy.

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